Local History

Shirebrook Colliery Company began the sinking of two shafts in 1896, both 18 feet in diameter, under the direction of mining engineer, Arnold Lupton.

It took roughly 12 months before coal was reached at a estimated depth of 600 yards.

In 1898 the great dispute over prices began which would catalyst the miners strike which lasted for 17 weeks.

In those 17 weeks we saw miners from Glasgow and Wales attempt to migrate to Shirebrook, to carry out the work which Shirebrook miners were refusing to do because of the poor working conditions, unfair wages and friction between the miners and their under-manager.

However, after some heavy persuasion both sets of outside miners were sent home.

After the strike, the under-manager would serve a period of suspension and Arnold Lupton would leave just before the end of the year.