Merchant Navy Day

Posted: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 09:00 by Jennifer Jeffery

Since the start of this century, 3rd September has been the UK's designated Merchant Navy Day. The UK's prosperity has of course been dependent on the Merchant Navy since the beginning of international trade. But only during the two World Wars did the British public realise that without merchant ships and brave seafarers, the UK would soon be starved of food and other essential supplies.

In recent years our island nation's dependence on the Merchant Navy has actually increased. 95% of our imports are carried by ship, including half of the food we eat. Without regular fuel imports our power stations would soon shut down. And with more sea ports and harbours and a longer coastline than any other European country, we depend on the Merchant Navy to ship more than 75% of our exports.

That's why Shirebrook Town Council recognised Merchant Navy Seafarers on 3rd September by flying the Red Ensign atop Shirebrook Village Hall.