COVID-19 – Your District and County Councils

Bolsover Distrit Council

Bolsover District Council have set up a dedicated page on their website relating to COVID 19 this can be found here

They have also set up a Community Support team as per the information below

Community Support Team - We are spearheading a major push to help provide advice and support to people affected by the Covid-19 virus and have set up a Community Support Team. For people who are currently self-isolating or in need of assistance we are asking you to register with our Support Team so we can direct resources to those in need across Bolsover District. Contact us on

01246 242424 or complete our self-isolation form.

Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council have also set up a dedicated page on their website relating to COVID 19 which can be found here and they have recently issued the following information relating to their Community Response Unit

Launch of the Community Response Unit

We've launched our Community Response Unit which has begun taking requests for help from members of the community who don't have friends or family able to support them.

Volunteers from over 200 different organisations will be able to help with shopping, fetching prescriptions or offering a befriending service.

Help is available for people across the county if they are:

  • Self-isolating because either themselves or a member of the household is at risk
  • Struggling to meet basic needs because of financial, social or health restrictions
  • Pregnant
  • Have underlying health conditions
  • Aged 70 or over

You may know someone in your community or through the course of your work who needs support. Please direct them to or ask them to call 01629 535091.

Thanks to all our staff who have offered to help this massive community effort. If you'd like to offer practical help as a volunteer you can do this by registering online and please ensure you complete the volunteer and skills survey which will enable us to identify those who could offer help as part of their role.

Posted: Tue, 02 Jun 2020 09:00 by Jeni

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