Leisure/Town Park Improvement Project

It has always been the Town Council's ambitions to develop the Town Park and Leisure Centre, but with the outbreak of the COVID pandemic and external funding streams drying up, plans have been on the back burner.

However, over the past few months the Leisure Committee, supported by Bolsover District Council and working with Alliance Leisure, have been busy discussing various options for the development and improvement of the site and its facilities.

The final three choices have been agreed upon by Committee Members and the Full Council and we are now putting the preferred proposals to you, the residents of Shirebrook Parish, for you to decide if we should carry on with the proposals and which of the three choices you would prefer.

For more information click the link below, alternatively the attached document is a printable version of the consultation, which can be completed and taken to either Shirebrook Leisure Centre or Shirebrook Town Hall and deposited into the available ballot boxes.

Posted: Thu, 27 Oct 2022 08:30 by Jeni

Tags: Improvement Project, Leisure Centre