Shirebrook Town Park

Posted: Wed, 23 Aug 2017 16:00 by Jennifer Jeffery

When designing the children's play area the Town Council felt it imperative that items of equipment were included that would allow disabled members of the community to use the area alongside their able bodied friends and family members. The wheelchair swing and inclusive roundabout were selected as the items of equipment that would be most beneficial.

Unfortunately since installation there have been constant reports of misuse of the equipment, particularly the wheelchair swing. This initially led to us having to lock off the ramp to prevent damage to both the swing and the surrounding safety flooring. Keys were issued to genuine users so that they could continue to benefit from the swing at their own convenience.

Recently the misuse has increased, so much so that we have taken the decision to remove the swing. This is only a temporary measure. We are looking for ways to prevent further misuse of the swing, when not being used genuinely, whilst ensuring that it remains accessible to disabled users, potentially by the use of a radar key or similar.

We need your help. Please speak with your youngsters and explain that this piece of invaluable equipment is for use by wheelchair users only. It is those genuine users that are now suffering whilst the swing is off site.