Universal Credit

Posted: Wed, 01 Nov 2017 10:00 by Jennifer Jeffery

Please find attached a pilot project for upskilling people moving into the receipt of Universal Credit. This is an accredited course with the purpose of enabling learners to be able to use email software tools to send and compose messages.

  • using your email account - Sending email messages with attachments, composing email messages, using an address book to store and retrieve contact information, responding to email messages appropriately, organising and storing email messages
  • managing your money -Know the benefits of planning manageable debt, Know about basic strategies for planning for debt, Know where to get help and advice about dealing with debt crisis
  • planning ahead

I would be grateful if this course could be promoted to clients which you think would benefit from it. Please could you send names through to Clay Cross ACE 01246 862383.

If there is a demand. We can of course add additional courses to this new programme.

If you have any additional queries or would like clarification about the course please let me know.

Thanks you for your help and support